[Resolved] xn14 Outage

Our monitoring has just picked up that xn14 has gone down. This is being checked

Update: We are waiting for some onsite hands.

Update 2: Ping requests are intermittently coming through, its looking like a network based attack against the machine or more likely a VPS.

Update 3: Connectivity has been restored to the machine and all VPS, we are now investigating further.

[Resolved]XN12 Outage

We are currently aware of issues with the XN12 Server, we are working with onsite staff to get this resolved as quick as possible.

Updates will follow here when we have them.

Update @ 11:51 BST – This machine is now back online, it will be monitored very closely over the next few hours and a full investigation into the cause will follow.

Update @ 11:44 BST – This is looking like a hardware failure, its not confirmed yet however if so we have onsite stock of parts should the worst happen.

[Resolved] xn12 Outage

xn12 appears to have crashed about 5 minutes ago. We are just waiting for some remote hands and will provide updates shortly.

Update: The server is now up and VPS are starting up.