Planned Maintainance

[Resolved] xn7 performance issues

xn7 is currently having some I/O performance issues.

In order to resolve this we are installing the latest kernel and Xen stack. We will be rebooting it shortly.

Update: Appologies for the delay, / needed a FSCK so we let it run. VPS are starting up one by one now.


[Resolved] xn9 Issues

xn9 appears to be suffering some filesystem issues. Currently getting some remote eyes.

Update: For some reason disk 3 decided it would belong to a new array, and caused the filesystem to go read only. This has been corrected and the RAID is rebuilding. We will continue to monitor.


[Resolved] xn7 issues

It appears XN7 has crashed, although it is responding to ping and as such was not picked up by our monitoring.

We will update you ASAP

Update: We have rebooted the machine and VPS are now starting up one by one. We are still investigating the cause of the crash.


[Resolved]Shared / Reseller Server Issues

There are currently issues with our Shared and Reseller Server CP1 which is causing sites to fail to load.

This is being investigated and all update will be here.

Update @ 15:58: This is now resolved

Update @ 15:46: This is looking like a grub issue, it is being corrected now


[Resolved] xn11 down

xn11 has crashed and is being checked

Update: Looks ok on the console but is unreachable via the network. This is rebooting

Update 2: It turns out there was a bit of fat finger syndrome and the port was taken out of the VLAN. The server is now up and VPS are starting up as well

Sorry folks!