Planned Maintainance

[Resolved] Planned Maintainence: xn12

Planned maintainence work is currently being carried out on XN12, affecting a small portion of customers on the 95.154.207.xx range.

This is a mandatory maintainence window in order to resolve ongoing stability issues.

Update: This has been completed, total downtime approximatley 20 minutes.


[Resolved] UK Network Issues

There is currently a critical network outage affecting all of our equipment in Spectrum House. We are in contact with our Upstream now and further updates will follow.

Update: Connectivity has been restored, downtime less than 5 minutes. This appears to have been a blip from one of the Core Routers.

RFO From Our Upstream: On Friday 16/07/10 our monitoring systems detected a connectivity problem affecting elements of the network. The issue was quickly escalated and once traced to certain malicious activity, senior network engineers immediately took action to halt the offending traffic.


[Resolved] xn12 + xn13 issues

xn12 and xn13 are currently experiencing stability issues and are being worked on.

xn12 Update: This machine appears to be suffering from hardware issues, due to a number of recent crashes. We will be replacing the RAM in due course and customers will be notified by email in advance of this planned maintainence task.

xn13 Update: This has been isolated to a particular VPS which has been suspended pending investigation.