Planned Maintainance

[Resolved] VZ1 Drive failure

A drive has failed in the RAID-10 array on vz1 and needs to be replaced.

20.35: Drive has been hot-swapped and the array is rebuilding. Once this completes we will reboot the machine.
The server is now restarting
00:30: Automatic forced FSCK of /vz is now running and 17% complete.
00:40: Now 31% complete
00:50: Now 74% complete
01:00: FSCK has finished and passed. Now rebooting back into OpenVZ kernel and VM’s will boot up.


[Resolved] xn11 disk failure

A drive has failed in XN11, has been replaced and is booting up now.

Update: Server has failed to come back up. Sorry about this folks, waiting for our KVM to be moved to it now so we can see what the hold up is.

Update 2: There are some filesystem issues which we are repairing, service will be restored ASAP

Update 3: The machine is now online and all VPS are running. We are going through each VPS to complete a FSCK of their individual filesystems to ensure they are clean. If your VPS goes down, please do not try to restart it. It will be restarted automatically once the FSCK completes. Thanks