Planned Maintainance

[Completed] Disk Replacement on VZ2

Below is an email sent to all users on vz2 approx 2PM 12/11/11:

You are recieving this email because you have one or more VPS on the OpenVZ Node,

A drive has failed in the RAID10 array on this machine and requires replacement. Due to previous issues we have had on this node following hot-swap disk replacements, we are going to shut down the machine cleanly, replace the drive and power it back up again.

We are sorry for any incovenience this may cause, especially as we only replaced two other drives a couple of months ago. This machine is running a 4x disk RAID10 array and it’s not uncommon for drives to fail around the same time as they are all from the same batch.

Outage Details:

Task: Replace failed drive in the RAID array.

Scheduled Time: 11.00PM UK Time (GMT) on Sunday 13/11/2011

Expected Downtime: Approx 20 Minutes, though as VPS are started individually it may vary.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to open a ticket.

Update: The server halted much faster than expected and is now down. We are waiting for remote hands to swap the drive out for us and power on.

Update 2: The drive has been replaced but is not being picked up. Looks like a blackplane/RAID controller issue. We will arrange another maintenance in due course to resolve this.