[Resolved] vz2 unresponsive

vz2 has become unresponsive. We are waiting for KVM to be moved by onsite staff

Update: We have identified the VPS causing this high load, their system has spawned hundreds of processes. We are trying to get things under control with some liberal use of pkill -9 but if that fails will reboot.

Update 2: This has been resolved without reboot, the responsible VPS has been suspended.

[Resolved] vz1 Unresponsive

vz1 is currently unresponsive/down and is being investigated

Update: Looks like its just under high load, waiting for onsite hands to connect KVM.

Update 2: One particular VPS was maxing out CPU causing high load. This same VPS has caused issues twice before, and has now been removed from the server. Appologies for the inconvenience.

Approx downtime: 10min