[Resolved] xn4 RAID Issues

We can confirm that two drives in one half of the RAID10 array are failing. SolusVM access to this server has been disabled, and can we please ask that you avoid doing anything on your server which requires heavy IO e.g. Backups.

The server is now online but some VPS filesystems are having issues. For this reason we are stopping all VPS individually, running a manual FSCK over it’s filesystem and starting the VPS. Once this has finished we are taking live backups of all VPS to another machine.

Assuming this completes without a further crash of the host, we will replace one drive at a time. Should the RAID array fail again, we will replace all drives, reinstall the host and restore the backups we created.

We appreciate your patience during this time, rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure the integrity of your data.

Update: This has now been resolved. All customer data is intact, and we have fitted new drives to each half of the RAID10 array to restore full performance and redundancy.