Planned Maintainance

[Completed] cp1 maintenance

Following a previous crash due to high load, we are doing a bit of maintenance on this server to ensure everything is running optimally.

During this time there may be some brief load spikes as we apply updates. Appologies for any inconvenience

Update: This has been completed and we are seeing improved disk performance and lower load.


[Resolved] cp1 outage

cp1 our main shared/reseller cPanel system has crashed and is rebooting.

Its currently doing an automatic FSCK of the filesystem as it’s last reboot was over 250 days ago. Will be up soon.

Update: Server is now up and load is slowly coming down. Will keep an eye on this for the next 24hrs.


[Resolved] Xn5 Outage

xn5 appears to be down and is being checked

Update: Looks like a VPS is under attack and is causing high packet loss. Working to get this under control ASAP.

Update 2: Service restored and we will continue to monitor. This was actually caused by a FreeBSD VM which had run out of disk space and was maxing out CPU and disk, very unusual!

Downtime: Approx 4mins