[Resolved] DDoS on

There is currently a 700Mbps inbound DDoS against a VPS on xn5 affecting some VPS on the subnet. We are working on isolating the target so we can mitigate the traffic.

Update: Target identified and traffic has been redirected into a nice cosy blackhole!


[Resolved] Website/Helpdesk/SolusVM Down

Our support desk is currently down due to what appears to be network issues with our offsite server provider. Client services are not affected.

As soon as we have further information we will post here

Update: No reply on our ticket as of yet, but looks like it is a network outage.

Update: We are now back up.

Planned Maintainance

web1 – raid card replacement

Due to some intermittent RAID performance issues on the server we are currently swapping out the raid controller for a spare. Apologies for the short notice.