[Resolved] Network Issues

We are currently seeing some intermittent packet loss affecting all of our UK infrastructure. As soon we we have more information from the datacentre we will post it here.

Appologies for the inconvenience.

Update: Although the outage was only a few minutes, we are seeing some sporadic DNS issues which are being worked on.

Update: Total downtime was less than 5 minutes, this was caused by some issues with one of our datacenter’s upstream providers.


[Complete] XN7 Issues Continued

We are sorry to inform you that the issues on XN7 continue despite a set of 4x new disks.

At this point we have decided it’s in our best interest to scrap the machine for the time being, and only after extensive testing will it be put back into production. We are going to start migrating all VPS to a new Supermicro/Xeon Lynfield host machine. Unfortunatley this will require IP changes but it’s the best option available to us at this point.

You will be contacted by email once your VPS has been moved, with the new IP Address(s).

ALL but two VPS on XN7 have now been moved and issued new IP Addresses. We are working on those and customers will be notified ASAP.