Planned Maintainance

[Phase One Complete] Emergency Xen Maintenance

We are currently performing some emergency Xen Maintenance which has started now (19:30 GMT – Thursday 29th October), downtime should be less then 60 minutes per server.

More in-depth details will be posted once all systems have been patched.

Completed: xn10, xn22, xn23, xn17, xn13, xn12, xn9, xn3

Phase one has now been completed.


[Resolved] XN17 Issues

We are currently experiencing an issue with this server which we have now narrowed down to a faulty Power Supply Unit and is in the process of being replaced now, all updates will be provided here.

Update @ 15:51 GMT: This is proving to be more than just a simple PSU swap, the onsite team are still working on the machine and hope to have it back online within the next 60 minutes.

Update @ 17:07 GMT: An update from the onsite staff, it seems there has been a short inside the machine which may have destroyed multiple hardware parts, we are still investigating this but as of now there is no ETA when this machine will be back online however once we have reached a conclusion will obviously update here.

Update @ 02:00GMT: This has now been resolved after multiple hardware failures caused by a faulty Power Supply Unit.


[Resolved] XN17 Unplanned Downtime

We are currently facing an issue with XN17 which is affecting connectivity to all VPS on that node, we are working with on site staff to get this resolved as quickly as possible and all updates will be posted here as soon as we have them.

Update: This has now been resolved.