Planned Maintainance

Planned maintainence to Power Systems in UK Datacentre 02/10/2010

This is a copy of an email we sent out on 09/09/10 due to some planned maintainence on 02/10/2010 for mandatory power maintainence at the UK based datacentre we use.

Maintanence Task:

Controlled power outage to the Spectrum House facility, allowing for essential repairs to the main power systems.

Scheduled For:

Saturday 02/10/2010 between the hours of 00:00 and 08:00 GMT. We are expecting/hoping to be up sooner than 08.00GMT and senior staff will be in-office for the duration.

Further Details:

The datacentre recently installed a fourth 500kva UPS into a modular system, to add additional resilience and capacity for further growth. Having been designed to be modular, the appropriate connections were already available on the UPS systems. During installation, a fault was identified with the panel which meant the additional UPS could not be connected.

In order to resolve this fault, the panel needs to be electrically isolated, as it cannot be worked on while live for safety reasons. The work is being carried out by a team of engineers from the manufacturer, and the datacentre will be manned with additional staff for the duration, as well as our senior staff on standby for the duration.

It goes without saying that we sincereley appologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we are equally as frustrated about the circumstances of a power outage of this length to our equipment.

All servers will be powered down cleanly, if you are a dedicated server customer please contact us so we can store your login details and initiate a graceful shutdown prior to the power loss. Although the window for the maintainence is 00:00 to 08:00, every effort is being taken to reduce the downtime to a minimum.

We will keep you updated as much as possible via our offsite status blog, accessed at during the maintainence.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.


[Resolved] VZ1 issues


We are currently experiencing issues with our VZ1 Node, we are looking into this now however it is more than likely this machine will need to be rebooted as it appears to have hung on the console.

More Updates will be posted here as and when we have them.

Update @ 11:12 – The machine has been rebooted and has sucessfully booted back up, VPS are now starting up one by one.