[Resolved] xn3 Outage

xn3 is currently having issues with the RAID array and is failing to boot, its looking like multiple drive failures in one half of the RAID10 set. This also hosts the VPS for our website and helpdesk so that’s currently offline.

We are working on this and updates will be posted here shortly.

Update: We have recovered the array and it’s now rebuilding onto some fresh drives. Disk performance will be poor for a few hours while it rebuilds and restores full redundancy to the array. If your VPS is currently down, its booting up and may be doing an automated filesystem check.



Denial of service attack

16:59: We are currently under a 2Gbps+ denial of service attack affecting most of our equipment, this is currently being worked on.

Update 17.07: Connectivity has been restored

Update 19:07: Attack has returned and is being investigated

Update: 19.25: We are currently waiting on updates from the DC. Unfortunately as the attack is greater than both up-links in the rack (2x 1Gbps), we are unable to nullroute the traffic on our own equipment. We appreciate your patience during this time and will restore service as soon as possible.

Update 20.05: Stability should be more or less restored at this point for all systems except XN9 which we’ve isolated as the target host.

Update 20:15: All systems up and running, we will continue to monitor.