[Resolved] xn11 I/O Issues

xn11 is currently suffering from some I/O issues again, this is currently being worked on. Further updates will follow

Update: The system has been rebooted, the RAID is in a degraded state but there are no signs of any disk issues. The RAID is now rebuilding, and the degraded disk has been noted as it may require replacement. As unlikely as it is, drives are around the same age so it could be a second faulty disk in a month. We will continue to keep a close eye on this server.

[Resolved] xn11 down

xn11 has crashed and is being checked

Update: A drive has failed in the RAID10 array, unfortunatley the RAID card was unable to handle the transfer resulting in the filesystem going to read only mode

Update 2: A replacement drive has been fitted, xn11 is now back online and vps are starting up one by one.

Please expect some reduction in I/O performance for the next few hours while the RAID array rebuilds to an optimal state.

Appologies for the inconvenience.