[Resolved] Xn2 Outage

xn2 appears to be down and is being checked.

The server is now back and VPS are starting


[Resolved] VZ2 Issue

One of the new Western Digital drives fitted only last week has failed in VZ2 and caused the host filesystem to go read-only. We are working on this and service will be restored ASAP.

Update: We have been waiting over 15mins so far and no response from our datacenter (iomart). Further updates will follow…
Update 2: We now have a USB DVD drive connected at last and are working to restore the machine.
Update 3: Since /lib is missing and a few other parts of the OS are resolving to the wrong files we are going to take the fastest route which is to reload the OS on the host. Customer data and configs are on a seperate partition so your data should be safe. Reload is currently 50% so ETA around 20 minutes and we will be up.
Update 4: OS reload complete. We are now doing a quick OS update, installing OpenVZ, rebooting and getting VPS up. SolusVM will be restored shortly after.
Update 5: Server is now booting into OpenVZ
Update 6: VPS are now booting up one by one and we are restoring SolusVM access to this node.
Update 7: SolusVM now restored, VPS are booting up.