[Resolved] Server updates

Due to a new SSHD rootkit which is circulating we are ensuring all of our systems are fully updated and booted into the latest kernels. At the moment we are not aware of any of our VPS host machines or managed customers being compromised but it’s good preventative maintenance nonetheless.

There may be a brief outage while your host machine is restarted.

Apologies for the lack of notice on this.


[Resolved] xn4 network issue

We have an inbound 1Gbps+ DDoS attack against a VPS on this machine, we are working on isolating the target to restore service.

Update: The target IP has been nullrouted and service restored. If you are seeing any further connectivity issues please open a ticket.

[Resolved] Network issues

There appears to be none or partial connectivity to all of our equipment at the datacentre currently depending on your ISP and location, it looks like it could be an issue with one of our main carriers – Level 3 from doing a quick traceroute on my mobile but will get more details shortly


Update: The issue appears to have resolved itself as soon as I finished writing this post! If you have any further issues please let us know.

Message recieved from our datacentre:

We are currently working with one of our upstream providers, who have notified us about a network issue as a result of them making a configuration change.  We had not been notified of the change.

Our core networking teams are doing what they can to mitigate the issue and looking into re-routing traffic.  This will be performed in the next few minutes, when connectivity should improve.

We will keep you updated on this matter and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this is causing.

If you continue to experience issues please let our support teams know and we will investigate as a matter of urgency.