[Resolved] Scheduled reboots 06/04/12

We are doing a scheduled reboot of the following servers this evening to address a stability issue between the latest Adaptec Firmware and the aacraid driver in the RHEl5 kernel:

This has been completed successfully. RAID arrays on these machines are doing a verify /w fix to ensure consistency.

Planned Maintainance

[Completed] Scheduled Reboots 02/03/12

We are going to be rebooting the following servers at approx 11PM GMT in order to boot into newer kernels, with numerous security fixes and support for newer OS’:

We don’t expect any issues, but downtime will vary as OpenVZ starts up and shuts down VPS one by one.

vz1 = Reboot completed, VPS are starting up.
= Reboot completed, VPS are up