Planned Maintainance

Node03 – Drive Failure

This node has suffered a drive failure and will be replaced shortly, there will be reduced disk performance whilst the raid array rebuilds.

Update 11/11/22 – Rebuild Progress is at 50%.


[Resolved] Node 2 – Slow Network Connectivity

We are currently investigating slow network connectivity on Node 2. Updates will be posted here.

Update: This has now been resolved and was caused by an incorrect port profile.


[Resolved] Node03 Drive Failure

We have had a drive failure on Node03 which has now been replaced however the RAID array is now rebuilding, this may cause some disk wait.

We will update once this is complete.


  • Complete
  • Rebuilding is currently at 45%
  • Rebuilding is currently at 30%
  • Rebuilding is currently at 15%
Planned Maintainance

[Complete] Xen Patching 2022-01-14

This is to notify you of some upcoming scheduled maintenance on our Xen Host Nodes. As part of routine maintenance we need to patch the underlying Xen virtualisation system which will require a reboot to complete.

When will this be happening?

We will begin the work at 21:00 GMT on Friday 14th January 2022

Will this be service impacting?

Yes, after the patching has been completed we will need to reboot the host node for it to take affect therefore there will be downtime whilst this happens. We expect the downtime to be in the region of 10-15 minutes however if your VPS has been not rebooted for a long time then it may automatically start a FSCK on boot which may take a little longer to complete. There is no action required on your part.

Note that you will be unable to perform any actions on your VPS in SolusVM until the maintenance is completed. Don’t worry we will ensure all VPS are started up.

Update 21:28 – node1 is completed and all VPS are starting up. VPS are in the process of starting on node2 & node3. Please be patient and expect some temporary performance issues while everything settles, for many VPS it has been over 12 months since the last reboot.

Update 21:50 – Maintenance is complete for all nodes. We are investigating issues with cloud1, however all VPS should be up and running.

Update 22:17 – Issues with cloud1 have now been fully resolved.


[Complete] Ticketing System Changes

We have updated our ticketing system to unify everything into a single login to make life much easier for clients. You can now login and submit tickets in exactly the same place as your billing.


[Resolved] SolusVM Maintenance

On Sunday 15th November we will be carrying out upgrades on our SolusVM master. The portal may be unavailable during this time, however running VPS will not be affected.

Update: This work is completed


[Resolved] website maintenance

On Saturday 14th Nov we will be carrying out some maintenance work on the server hosting our websites, billing and support system. During this time you may experience temporary slowness, or a maintenance page as database work is completed.

Update 19:31 UTC – This work has been completed. If you experience issues submitting tickets e.g. can’t see the form to write in, please clear your browser history and this should fix the issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

Planned Maintainance

[Resolved] Node1 – Drive Replacement

We are currently experiencing a drive failure in Node 1 and it will be replaced shortly.

No downtime was experienced.

Update: The RAID array has been rebuilt and performance is back to normal.

Update: The drive has been replaced and the RAID array is rebuilding, you may experience slower than normal Disk IO during this time.


[Resolved] node1 down

We are aware that is currently down, the server is showing no link on the network interfaces so we suspect a switch/cable issue. We are contacting the datacentre and will provide updates ASAP.

Update: We are waiting for remote hands to check the server.

Update 2: This was caused by a fault Network Cable which has been replaced.


[COMPLETE] Planned VPS Maintenance

As per the emails sent earlier this week, we are carrying out maintenance on our Xen/OpenVZ VPS infrastructure 28/06/2019 starting at 20:00 UTC. During this work your VPS will be rebooted.

We will update this page if we encounter any issues, and when this work is completed.

Update 20:40 UTC – This work is now complete across all servers.

Thank You