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[Resolved] XN17 – Planned Maintenance 2017/01/27 – 22:00GMT

Update @ 21:55 – This has now begun.

Update @ 22:28 – This has now been completed and VPS are now booting back up

This is an advanced notification of upcoming maintenance on hostnode XN17, please see below for further details.

When Is this happening?
It will begin on Friday, 27th January 2017 at 22:00 GMT

How long will it take?
We are hoping this should take no longer than 60 minutes.

Is any Downtime expected?
Yes, the server will need to be powered down so downtime is to be expected for the duration.

Updates will be posted here.

Xen Scheduled Maintenance


This is a notification of upcoming maintenance to our Xen host nodes, unfortunately due to recently discovered exploits we will have to perform updates to the host nodes in order to patch them. We take security very seriously and as such these updates will need to be done as a priority.

When are the updates happening?

We will begin Friday 18th December 2015 at 20:00 GMT

How long will it take?

We are aiming to have each machine completed with an hour.

Is there going to be any downtime?

Unfortunately yes, as we will need to update the Virtualisation System itself there will be downtime required due to a reboot of the node.

We will of course do our upmost to ensure these updates are completed as soon as possible with as little disruption to services as possible.

[Phase One Complete] Emergency Xen Maintenance

We are currently performing some emergency Xen Maintenance which has started now (19:30 GMT – Thursday 29th October), downtime should be less then 60 minutes per server.

More in-depth details will be posted once all systems have been patched.

Completed: xn10, xn22, xn23, xn17, xn13, xn12, xn9, xn3

Phase one has now been completed.

[Complete] Planned maintenance : XN9, XN10, VZ2

As per the email sent yesterday, at approx 9PM (GMT+1) tonight we will be powering down, and relocating these servers due to a potential PDU issue. Downtime will be kept to a minimum but we expect approx 20-30mins.

Updates will be posted here as we carry out the work. Thanks

8.50PM – VPS are shutting down.

8.55PM – VPS are now shutdown and work will start shortly.

9.16PM – Work still in progress

9.36PM – VPS are booting up now.

[Completed] Planned Node Maintenance – 27/06/2014

We will be carrying out scheduled audits and node reboots for the below host machines on Friday 27th June starting approx 8PM BST. We estimate downtime for VPS will be between 10-20 minutes.

This affects any customers with Xen VPS on the following host machines:

  • xn3 = DONE
  • xn9 = DONE
  • xn10 = DONE
  • xn11 = DONE
  • xn12 = DONE
  • xn13 = DONE
  • xn17 = DONE
  • xn23 = DONE

Further updates will be posted here during the maintenance task.

Thank You.