[Resolved] cp1 down

cp1 has crashed due to what appears to be load issues. We are currently waiting on some remote eyes.

Update: It looks like possible primary hard disk failure. Giving it 5 minutes on the console to see if it boots, if it fails we will need to run a FSCK over the raid array and take it from there.

Update 2: I can confirm that /dev/sda (the primary hard disk) has failed. We are inspecting the data on the second disk. Standby for updates

Update 3: /dev/sdb is ok. We have repaired the filesystem and re-installed Grub. The machine is starting up now. Please note that CP1 is now running with 1 less idsk in the RAID set. Expect increased I/O wait an higher than normal loads. We will be replacing the disk momentarily.

Update 4: Some IP’s failed to come online properly. This has been fixed and everything is looking ok. It’s going to be 10 minutes or so before the machine stabalizes with normal levels of load.

Update 5: We have made a secondary backup of the machine onto our NAS as a precaution.. We will be restoring full redundancy to the RAID array with a new disk in due course.

[Completed] Maintainance Notification 11:00AM GMT Monday 1st March

UPDATE : This maintainence is now underway. All machines have been cleanly powered down. We are currently double checking all systems are powered down and will swap the PDU

UPDATE2: Due to a delay with onsite staff this is taking longer than expected. Appologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE3: PDU has been replaced and we have connectivity on Edge #1. Servers are now being power cycled.

UPDATE5: All systems are now online and passed sanity checks. IF your VPS is offline please reboot via SolusVM or open a ticket

This is a reminder for the below maintainance which will begin in approx 1hr 45mins

Planned Maintenance Notification for 11:00AM GMT Monday 1st March.

This email is to inform you of some planned maintenance which will be service affecting.


The main power bar in our rack which is supplied by our data centre has failed. The failure does not affect the power going through and ultimately to our servers however what has failed is the LCD Display which shows the current power usage which is very important to ensure that the rack isn’t overloaded.

Planned for:

11:00AM GMT on Monday 1st March 2010

Expected Downtime:

The downtime expected is approx 10 – 15 minutes. We will be powering all machines down cleanly then replacing the PDU and powering each machine back on.

Note: VPS may take longer due to the way that VPS start up.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[Resolved]XN9 Issues

xn9 is currently having RAID issues, initial inspection shows that half of the RAID-10 set which includes the area of the raid including the OS is inoperable.

We are taking the machine down for further inspection and assessment on restoring service along with data recovery.

Thank you for your patience.

Update @ 18:19GMT: All disks have been tested and have passed all tests. The RAID is now ReBuilding again as it was Cancelled to perform the Disk Tests. If any VPS are still down then please raise a ticket and we will look into it for you.

Update @ 17:43 GMT: The RAID Array is currently rebuilding however VPS should now be starting up again.

Total Downtime: ~2 Minutes

Because Uptime Matters